MMT LabWork

Experimental investigations of turning a C45 material

Within the scope of the MMT LabWork (Master of Science) the machining of a C45 material is investigated experimentally on the basis of turning tests with different cutting parameters. The focus is on the one hand on the resulting process forces, which are measured with the help of suitable measuring technology, and on the other hand on the surface quality of the generated workpiece surfaces. Furthermore, the chip formation, which varies depending on the set cutting parameters, is also at the forefront of the investigations.

Prior to the execution of the experiment, a written examination of the knowledge necessary for the experiments is carried out in the form of an attestation. The relevant information can be found in the provided script. The grade obtained in the attestation is included in the final grade of the specialist laboratory. Insufficient performance in the attestation leads to direct exclusion from the specialist laboratory.

A written report shall be drawn up after completion of the investigations (maximum of 9 pages, excluding the cover sheet, table of contents and appendix). The deadline for submitting the report is six weeks and begins with the start of the specialist laboratory. For more information on how to create the report, see the Reporting section of the script.

Furthermore, the results obtained are to be presented in a 15-20-minute presentation. The date of the presentation is determined after the submission of the report in coordination with the groups.

If you have any questions regarding the organisation of the laboratory, please contact the coordinator (Dipl.-Ing. Florian Vogel, MB III, Room 2.028, phone: +49 231 755 5245, e-mail:


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LabWork ISF (MMT M.Sc.), Summer Semester 2019


For general information regarding the MMT BlockLab, please contact Andreas Wirtz, M.Sc. For information specifically regarding the BlockLab on “Experimental investigations of turning a C45 material”, please contact the tutors Dipl.-Ing. Florian Vogel and Dr.-Ing. Ivan Iovkov.